Remington DCVAC-500 NoMess Vacuum Pet Clipper Set

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Remington DCVAC-500 NoMess Vacuum 13 Piece Pet Clipper Kit with 6 Trim Length Guide Combs, Scissors, Storage & Cleaning Brush
Manufacturer: Remington
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Product Description

It´s hard to get pets to stay still during grooming so you can CLEAN UP EASILY. Now it´s possible to groom your pet with NO MESS to clean up afterwards. Clipper has a POWERFUL BAGLESS VACUUM built-in and operated by its own separate motor. The LIGHTWEIGHT DESIGN makes it easy to handle. Just clip it and let the vacuum catch the trimmed hairs. Perfect for short hair breeds. For added convenience, blades are LUBED FOR LIFE and never need oiling. KIT INCLUDES: Pet Clipper with Built-in Vacuum, Blade Guard, 6 Trim Length Guide Combs, Scissors Left & Right Taper Guards, Cleaning Brush, Storage Pouch and Instruction Book.

Product Details

  • No Mess! Vacuums as you trim
  • Collects hair as it cuts for Easy Clean-Up!
  • Lube-For-Life blades never need oiling
  • Ergonomic Design
  • Complete 13 Piece Kit

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